Rothschild Boulevard was one of the first main roads and the first boulevard in the young city of Tel Aviv, founded in 1909.

Since those early years, the boulevard is a place to walk, encounter, reflect, to see and be seen. A century later, Rothschild is the heart of the dynamic metropolis, the best address in town. During the day it is bustling with professionals working at leading businesses in finance, insurance, advertising and law, situated along the boulevard. One can also meet local residents having their coffee, back from Yoga class or passing on their bikes. At night it turns into a lively scene, full of party-goers enjoying the nightlife a few blocks away. Join people strolling down the tree-lined boulevard, have a good espresso, a fresh salad or a drink in one of the many outdoor cafés or kiosques, visit a contemporary art gallery exhibition, check out the young fashion and design shops in Gan Hahashmal neighborhood, take pleasure in the modernist architecture, get lost down the quaint alleys of Neveh Tzedek or the Yemenite quarter, just enjoy life in Israel’s liveliest city.

Highlights of our location

“the rothschild 71″ is positioned in Tel Aviv’s “White City” in a carefully restored Bauhaus-style landmark dating back to 1934.